There's something about a cold and snowy night that makes us reach out for comfort food.

The Unexplainable Craving For Comfort

I can't explain it. I don't know what it is. But, when the weather outside is frightful, somehow, a craving for comfort food sets in.

Maybe it's nature's way of helping us cope with one of life's necessary evils. By giving us something to look forward to and enjoy, we don't mind the cold nearly as much. In fact, it might actually make us look forward to some inclement weather.

What Is Your Go-To Snack Or Beverage?

Recently, I asked our listeners to share with us their go-to snacks and beverages on a cold and wintery night. You can see some of the responses in the gallery below.

Popcorn, Cider, and Nachos

One thing that surprised me is that nobody mentioned popcorn. You know how the song goes..."It doesn't show signs of stopping, and I brought some corn for popping..." Popcorn seems like the perfect snack on a cold night.

Of course, a hot beverage on a cold night always hits the spot - and I'm surprised nobody mentioned hot apple cider. Tonight would be a perfect night for some hot cider and some nachos with spicy cheese sauce.

Grand Junction's Go-To Snacks and Beverages On A Cold, Wintery Night

One way to cope with the western Colorado winter is to snuggle in with a warm blanket and a delicious snack and/or favorite beverage. When I asked our listeners about their go-to snack or beverage on a cold and snowy winter night they had some great answers. After reading their responses, I'm ready for some more cold winter nights.

Grand Junction Colorado's Top 20 Comfort Foods According to You

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