After decades of use by hundreds of students, the high school in Grand Junction, Colorado is getting a much-needed upgrade.

According to a report from NBC 11, the final design plans for the new Grand Junction high school are almost complete.

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Where Will the New Grand Junction High School Be Located?

The new and improved Grand Junction will remain at the same site as the current campus on North 5th street.

However, the new campus building will occupy the space where the baseball field is currently located on the northeast side.

Why is Grand Junction's High School Being Upgraded?

Grand Junction's high school has a long history and has been at its current location since 1956.

At the time, the campus was expected to last for at least 75 years, which is the year 2031. Unfortunately, time hasn't been as kind as what was initially predicted, and the high school is in need of some major repairs.

The high school has experienced a vast number of issues from flooding, cracked walls, rodent problems, sinking floors, plus heating and cooling issues.

What Kind of Additions Are Planned for the New Grand Junction High School?

Currently, there are lots of improvements planned for the new high school, but for now, things are starting slowly with utility work. Construction plans are being finalized and the new building is expected to house:

  • a performing arts center that can accommodate 1,467 people
  • an upgraded kitchen
  • school offices
  • a media center
  • a community center
  • locker rooms and weight room
  • a commons area/cafeteria
  • a wrestling room
  • student project spaces
  • and of course plenty of classrooms

The new campus is expected to be approximately 250,000 square feet. Talk about room to grow!

Plus with the layout of the campus changing, there will be a new separate entrance from the bus loop. The main entrance of the campus will still face west, but pickup and drop-off will be allowed from the south thanks to the new bus loop entrance.

Once everyone is settled in the new building, the old building will be demolished to make way for new sports fields and parking lots.

When Will the New Grand Junction High School Be Complete?

The district is aiming for a groundbreaking ceremony on June 8, with the new building's completion estimated in August 2024.

From there the district will demolish the old building and they hope to have the campus completely finished by Spring 2025.

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