When most people, especially transplants or people who live out of state, think of Colorado, one of the first things that come to mind is the snow. Colorado is famous for its ski resorts, the snow-covered peaks, and the idea that we basically live in our ski jackets all year round (thanks, South Park.)

Grand Junction is Just as Hot as Some Neighboring States

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However, anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time in Grand Junction will argue that the summers are much hotter than most perceive Colorado summers to be and rival even some of the more desert-like neighboring states like New Mexico and Utah.

Grand Junction's Geography Allows For More Heat

Because of Grand Junction's elevation, topography, and location on Colorado's northwestern border, the city sees excruciatingly high temperatures during the summer often hitting over 100 degrees.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking whether you prefer the 100+ temperatures during Grand Junction's summers or the sloppy snow we see in the winter and while there were responses citing both, more of them leaned toward the notion that Grand Junction's summers are less favorable than the winters.

Grand Junction Prefers the Cold Over the Heat

The vast majority of responses to my question stated that the 100+ temperatures Grand Junction regularly sees during the summer are more uncomfortable than our rather mild winters. Some pointed out that we can always add layers in the winter if we're cold, and that we don't really get a whole lot of snow during the winter compared to other parts of the state.

However, some Grand Junction residents do prefer the summer over the winter.

Here's what you said with regards to Grand Junction's two most extreme seasons and which you prefer over the other:

Grand Junction Prefers the Snow Over the Heat

According to you, 100+ temps in Grand Junction’s summers are worse than snow in the winter.

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