A favorite local restaurant in Grand Junction, Colorado is facing hard times and is looking to the public for help.

A Gofundme was recently created by the owners of the 7th Street Deli here in Grand Junction, Colorado after they were served with an eviction notice.

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Construction in Grand Junction, Colorado

When the current owners bought the deli back in 2014 things started off successfully. Unfortunately, just a few years later in the Spring of 2014, construction on 7th street began.

The following year at around the same time, construction once again took over 7th street.

As you're most likely aware, people typically try to avoid construction zones at all costs. This led to a serious loss of business.

Just how much?

A jaw-dropping 50 percent!

COVID-19 Hits Restaurants in Colorado

Of course, the year that most of us won't forget, 2020 followed immediately after, knocking local businesses to their knees.

With the option of dining-in taken off the table, 7th street Deli tried its best to stay above water by offering to-go orders with only the two owners working.

Grand Junction Loves Local Restaurants

Most of us have seen businesses come and go, but when a local business closes it really hits closer to home.

Time is of the essence for this family-owned and operated business. The 7th Street Deli needs to raise approximately $50,000 in order to pay back-rent or be forced to vacate the property.

If the owners can't raise the money, they may have to re-locate the deli, but the future is uncertain.

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