This ferry took you across the Colorado River in the 1800s in Grand Junction. See the ferry that took you to Orchard Mesa back in the day.

Back in the day, as in back in the 1800s, there wasn't a Fifth Street Bridge in Grand Junction. If you wanted to cross what was then the Grand River (now it's the Colorado River) you had to swim, use a boat, or take the ferry. The ferry service started in 1882, according to the Historical Photos of Fruita & Western Colorado Facebook page.

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Patrick Henry Gordon started the ferry service, which was guided by a cable across the river. Patrick, unfortunately, passed away the same year when he was crossing the river at night and his boat capsized. According to the Historical Photos of Fruita & Western Colorado Facebook page, he passed away along with Gunnison County Deputy Sheriff Benjamin A. Scott while in pursuit of some people who were harassing townsfolk and stole the ferry while escaping.

If you wanted to take the ferry, you had to pay for it. The ferry was big enough to hold two wagons, you can see people on a wagon and horses on the ferry in the picture above. This picture was taken in 1897, which is a major Grand Junction throwback.

We think someone should bring the ferry back to Grand Junction. We would love to take a ride down the Colorado River in a ferry -- while fishing.

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