Let's talk about some of the words Colorado has that seem virtually impossible for people from out of town just can't say.

I remember the first time I visited Colorado and took a trip to Buena Vista. I was staying with some from in the Springs, and told them where I went for the day. I pronounced it like most people would, the Spanish pronunciation. I was quickly corrected that is not how you say it. (More on the correct pronunciation later.)

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Don't worry, this isn't one of those articles making fun of Coloradans for the way they say things. However, there are some weird idiolect.

Coloradans' Way of Speech Isn't Truly Unique

As I stated above, this isn't picking on Coloradans. Every state or region has its own vernacular.

I'm originally from Michigan and I get ragged on all the time for the way I say, mom or dad. For some reason, to others, it sounds like I add an "ah" sound. I don't hear it, but I guess I do. Think of that stereotypical Minnesotan or Wisconsin accent. It's an upper Midwest thing.

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Here's a good one, what about the way Utahans say "sale"? They don't. It's "sell." For everything. "This car is for sell." "There's a big sell going on at the Big Box Store." For reference, a ton of western Colorado people do this too. It's pretty irritating, at first, but you'll get used to it.

For what it's worth, this is what makes us all unique. If we all sounded the same, it'd be pretty boring and you wouldn't be able to guess someone's home state without it.

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