As you've no doubt noticed, gas prices in Colorado are out of control. Are you familiar with the enthusiasts who literally "chase storms" around Colorado? What are they going to do now that gas is approaching $5 per gallon?

A Facebook page for a group of storm chasers out of Colorado offers a hilarious alternative to their typical mode of travel. It's light-years from safe, but it demonstrates just how far these intrepid storm chasers will go.

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Chasing Colorado Storms Can Get Costly

Typically you see these storm chasers traveling in convoys of five or six vehicles, usually gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs. With gas prices soaring, storm chasers may have to turn to Plan B. What to do?

Hollywood May Have The Answer To This Colorado Problem

As you can no doubt imagine, hot on the heels of a tornado in the middle of Colorado's eastern plains would be a heck of a place to run out of gas. Who do you turn to when you need a fuel-efficient vehicle capable of handling Colorado's terrain? You'll need something which can tackle Colorado's difficult mountain passes while offering excellent fuel economy.

It looks as though Hollyweird may have the answer.

Colorado Storm Chasers Are Contemplating This Option

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. The Facebook page for Colorado Storm Chasers suggests this possibility. As laughable as this may be, it's currently on the table.

Do You Remember When a Couple of Guys Tried to Recreate This?

A few years ago a couple of guys attempted to recreate this scene from Dumb and Dumber. They went so far as to construct a replica of the minibike seen in the film. They did their best to copy it in every detail.

From there, they took it another notch and recreated the epic ride through Nebraska and Colorado. They froze their buns off in 29-degree weather, but they pulled it off.

Very Little Room For Equipment

In the example above, the motorists had to transport a briefcase. What about all the data-collection equipment needed by storm chasers. According to Wikipedia, "Storm chasers vary with regards to the amount of equipment used, some prefer a minimalist approach; for example, where only basic photographic equipment is taken on a chase, while others use everything from satellite-based tracking systems and live data feeds to vehicle-mounted weather stations and hail guards."

Perhaps Crowdfunding Would Be a Better Option

Finding a way to fuel their existing vehicles may prove to be a safer option. Via their Facebook page, Colorado Storm Chasers joke, "We may need to start donating plasma or start a GoFundMe."

Western Colorado Winters From Years Past - Bob Grant Photos

Here's a short gallery of Robert Grant photos showcasing Grand Junction and Western Colorado winters. They sure are fun. Then again, sometimes the snow and cold temperatures result in trouble.

FLASHBACK: Beauty Pageant Contestants of Western Colorado

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You're Never Far Away From a Snow Tubing Hill In Colorado

Snow tubing is a great winter sport because it is so much fun and it's something that families can do together. Another cool thing about tubing is the fact you don't need to buy a bunch of expensive and special gear you're only going to use one time.

Here is a look at some of the snow tubing options you'll find throughout Colorado this winter. Hopefully, you can enjoy some great Colorado fun in the snow.

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