Sometimes in movies, a car or vehicle can be just as big a star as an actor. Now there's a place in Colorado where you can see some of these historic movie car stars.

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Movie Car Museum In Colorado

Growing up, watching iconic films like Batman, or Ghostbusters, I always wished I could have a car as cool as the Batmobile or the Ecto-1, but would always have to settle for just having the small toy version instead. Those two cars, along with the likes of the Delorean from the Back to the Future trilogy, or even the Jeeps and Ford Explorers from Jurrasic Parks have become so popular since those movies came out that they themselves should be credited as a star of the film because people just love them. Now, there's a place in Colorado where you can see some of these beautiful movie cars up close and in person.

Rodz & Bodz Car Mueseum In Colorado

Jurrasic Park Jeep

The world-famous Jeep from the Jurrasic Park movies is one of the many vehicles that has made its way through the new Rodz & Bods Museum in the Colorado Mills Mall. This incredible new museum has at least 60 cars on display at all times for you to walk through and see. Some of which are "famous" movie cars like the Jeep above, the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story, various Batmobiles, even the mini-bike and shaggy dog Mutt Cutts van from Dumb & Dumber, which is there right now. What's also cool about Rodz & Bodz is that you can also rent some of these iconic vehicles for photo shoots, weddings, or other events which is killer.

Paul Walkers' Eclipse From The Fast & The Furious

Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Mutt Cutts Van From Dumb & Dumber

Herbie The Love Bug

The Rodz & Bodz Museum has a constant rotating exhibition so the vintage and movie cars are constantly changing giving you the chance to see many iconic vehicles right here in Colorado.

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