Summertime is fruit and veggie time in Colorado and here is a look at when your favorite fruits and vegetables will be available.

Coloradans Love Farmers Markets

One of the favorite pastimes in Colorado this time of year is visiting farmers' markets and getting a fill of fresh produce. We may be slightly biased, but it's hard to beat home-grown Colorado produce.

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The Favorites: Sweet Corn and Peaches

Of course, one of the most popular produce attractions each summer is that ever-delicious Olathe Sweet Corn. We wait for it and wait for it, and before we know it, it's here and gone. Not all sweet corn is Olathe Sweet Corn, but, generally, we are able to find sweet corn from the middle of July until the middle of October.

Obviously, peaches are another Colorado favorite, and the peach season is relatively short. You can find peaches from the middle of July until the middle of September. Our motto is "get 'em while the gettins good."

Colorado Has A Wide Variety of Fresh Produce

While sweet corn and peaches tend to get most of the love, we have a lot more fresh Colorado produce to enjoy each and every year. The challenge can be in knowing when our favorites will be available. Timing is half the battle, and we want to help you fight the produce battle and let you know when your favorites are available.

PRODUCE CALENDAR: When To Find Your Favorite Colorado-Grown Produce This Summer

Thanks to the folks at, we have put together a gallery-calendar that will help you know when to start looking for your favorite Colorado-grown fruits and vegetables - and how long you can expect them to be around. These delicious offerings are coming to a farmers market near you.

6 Great Western Colorado Farmer's Markets to Visit in 2022

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