Colorado's Grand Mesa is a beautiful place to visit during the winter months. If you can get up passed Powderhorn Ski Resort and on to the Mesa Lakes Lodge you'll find an amazing winter wonderland waiting to be explored.

Western Colorado counts on the winter snows to restore our lakes, rivers, and reservoirs during the spring thaw. How are things looking this winter? How much snow has fallen on the Grand Mesa so far?

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Winter Snowfall on Colorado's Grand Mesa

Snowfall and winter weather are tracked all season long from 10,000 feet at the Grand Mesa's Mesa Lakes Lodge. Snow totals and other information can be found at and a report that is updated weekly by the staff who work on the Mesa all year long.

The good news so far this winter is that Grand Mesa is sitting at 139% of normal snowfall totals this winter. This is great news for the many lakes we all saw getting so low last September.

2023 Winter Stats From Mesa Lakes Lodge

  • Location: Mesa Lakes Lodge on the Grand Mesa
  • Elevation: 10,000 feet.
  • Observed Snowpack: 62-inches (1/18/2023)
  • Percent to Normal: 139%
  • Snow Water Equivalent: 20%
  • Peak Snowpack: 200-inches

How Are Things at Grand Mesa Lodge?

Snow Has Closed the Restaurant at Mesa Lakes Lodge

The heavy snow has even forced the closing of the restaurant at Mesa Lakes Lodge for a couple of fo days while they clear off the parking lots and make room for visitors. They expect to be serving again by this weekend.

Just imagine how amazing all the lakes will look this spring and summer if this keeps up. We just have to wait for it all to melt so we can access our favorite trails.

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