Picture this. You're flying over the state of Colorado and you're looking out the window. Can you notice which attractions you're flying over?

We bet you can't.

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Colorado's Landscape Looks Much Different from 30,000 Feet

If you've ever flown over Colorado, you know that it's impossible to tell exactly where you are.

Sure, you'll know you're over the eastern plains from the vast emptiness of the sprawling farmlands. Giant green (or brown if it's winter) circles scatter about. Although, that could mean you're over Kansas or Nebraska, too.

And what about the more populated areas?

Colorado's Cities are Just a Mess of Buildings from Far Above

Are you flying over Denver or Colorado Springs? That'd be pretty easy to determine if you coming in for a landing, but at 30,000 feet, it's just buildings and more buildings everywhere.

A better question is, can you make out the individual buildings? Maybe you can pick out Empower or Coors Fields. Maybe even some of the more prominent buildings, but no way you'll pick out the less-than-unique ones.

Identifying Colorado's Popular Attractions

So, we put together a few aerial shots from around the states to test your knowledge. Can you pinpoint a certain mountain? How about a popular hiking trail?

There are a few easy ones, as well as, some that could stump even the seasoned traveler.

Only True Coloradans Will Know These Attractions from Their Aerial Views

So, you think you know Colorado? Only those who are tried-and-true travelers of our great state can name these locations from their aerial views.

Scroll through the pics to see how many you can get correct.

Gallery Credit: Tim Gray

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