Residents and visitors of Vail, Colorado were surprised to see a mountain lion walking amongst them near several resort properties.

According to a report from the Vail Police Department, on January 8 the department was called on two separate incidences about a single mountain lion walking around in the area.

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A Lion Among Men

Typically mountain lions are very elusive and do not come in close contact with humans. Mountain lions prefer remote areas where things are quiet.

Time to Catch A Lion

Upon arrival, the Vail Police Department was able to confine the lion into a secure area of the hotel in cooperation with property management.

When Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers arrived they were able to successfully dart and immobilize the mountain lion.

The Treacherous Reality

Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. The mountain lion was said to be, "severely emaciated and in poor condition," which is why investigators figured the lion decided to seek human help.

Sadly, Colorado Parks and Wildlife then was forced to make the painstaking decision to euthanize the feline.

Report A Sighting

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, lion attacks are pretty rare and there have been fewer than a dozen fatalities in North America in more than 100 years.

Obviously, nothing is impossible, so if you come across a mountain lion here's who to call.

CPW​ Headquarters (Denver): (303) 297-1192
Northeast Region CPW Office (Denver): (303) 291-7227
Northwest Region CPW Office (Grand Junction): (970) 255-6100
Southeast Region CPW Office (Colorado Springs): (719) 227-5200
Southwest Region CPW Office (Durango): (970) 247-0855

Do not attempt to approach or interact with mountain lions, as they are considered wildlife and extremely dangerous.

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