Here is an unbelievable story that is chilling in more ways than one.

A Colorado truck driver was shot three times by an angry man who took exception to a warning sticker placed on his vehicle. Fortunately, the tow truck driver survived and the shooting suspect was arrested.

Tow Truck Driver Shot Three Times

According to FOX31, Michael Fuchs of Aurora was tagging vehicles with 72-hour warning stickers for cars with expired tags or no license plates. Fuchs says an angry resident told him he had five seconds to take the sticker off his car - and then started shooting. Fuchs says the man fired 12 rounds at him, striking him three times. The chilling incident was captured on video.

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A Pool of Blood and Thoughts of Loved Ones

Fuchs says he was lying face down in a pool of blood 'just thinking about my loved ones, and not being able to tell them I loved them before I died." Fuchs says the first shot struck him in the arm, shattering his humerus bone, the second one struck his spine - knocking him down - and the third one went into his side, pierced his liver, and came out his stomach.

Fuchs has spent the past few months recovering from the gunshot wounds. Meanwhile, the shooting suspect, Duan Yorks was arrested by Aurora Police and is facing several felony charges.

No Workman's Comp For Injured Tow Truck Truck Driver

But, the story doesn't end there. The tow truck driver apparently is not eligible for workman's comp because of an agreement he signed with the company as an independent contractor. A Go Fund Me account has been established for Fuchs, who says his medical bills are piling up while undergoing no less than five surgeries.

Medical Bills Quickly Accumulating

Breanna Gill, who set up the fundraiser says " The bills are quickly accumulating, and we are finding it quite a challenge to get any assistance. We still don't know yet how disabled he might or might not be for such a series of unfortunate events."

Hazardous Job

I never imagined being a tow truck driver was a hazardous occupation, but, obviously, it is. Besides that is the idea that, at least so far, this man has no way of being compensated for the serious injuries he incurred while on the job - in a situation that very easily could have ended his life.

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