One of Colorado's hidden gems, Powderhorn Ski Resort, is taking inflation head-on by freezing or lowering prices for the upcoming 2024-2025 ski season.

Stating rising prices and inflation, Powderhorn says lift ticket prices at the window, their Mission Affordable 4-Pack, and menu prices will see the freeze or reduction.

Powderhorn is Still One of Colorado's True Hidden Gems

With all the high prices and overcrowding at the major ski resorts along the I-70 corridor, Powderhorn remains one of Colorado's true gems.

They have over 1,600 skiable acres featuring 63 runs.

If you've never been to Powderhorn, the small-town feel and family-friendly environment make it one of the best places to learn to ski or ride, as well as a great place for seasoned individuals.

We can't forget how much snow they actually get. If you're down for it, you can get up early in the morning and make it for a killer pow day and still get back to the Valley for work by lunch.

How Powderhorn is Taking a Stand Against Inflation

Powderhorn's general manager said,

Inflation has made the last few seasons challenging for everyone. For the 2024-25 season, we are dedicated to freezing or reducing prices on most of our lift access products, food and beverage offerings, and various other services at the resort.

Powderhorn has always been an affordable option compared to the other major resorts around Colorado --we're looking at you Vail-- and this added focus on helping the ski industry maintain its momentum will not go overlooked.

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