It was quite a shock when we learned Texas Roadhouse was leaving Grand Junction's North Avenue, but, things have changed and that won't be happening anytime soon.

Texas Roadhouse Planned To Move Close to Mesa Mall

It was in the Spring of 2021 when the City of Grand Junction reported that one of Grand Junction's most popular restaurants was going to be on the move. The city indicated that Texas Roadhouse was going to be part of the Sutherlands Redevelopment at Mesa Mall, a project that would include Cracker Barrel and Chipotle. At least one part of that equation has changed.

Change of Plans For Grand Junction's Texas Roadhouse

Recently, the Daily Sentinel reported that Texas Roadhouse has decided to remain at the current location across from Walmart on North Avenue. A spokesman for Texas Roadhouse, Senior Director of Public Relations Travis Doster was quoted as saying the restaurant was "going to stay in our current location and maybe pursue relocation down the road." Doster said the restaurant has re-signed at the current location and will be there for at least the next five years.

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Could Bubba's 33 Be Coming to Grand Junction?

Texas Roadhouse is one of Grand Junction's most popular restaurants as evidenced by the large crowds they host practically every night - especially on Fridays and Saturdays. We saw even more evidence of its popularity when we asked for listeners' reactions to the news that Roadhouse would be leaving North Avenue. Many of those responding were hoping that Texas Roadhouse would open a second location in Grand Junction. For a city of this size, that seems unlikely, however, it's possible we could see another Roadhouse-owned restaurant called Bubba's 33 pop up. If that happens, it would be the third Bubba's in Colorado.

For those who were disappointed in the original news that Texas Roadhouse was leaving North Avenue, this is great news. Roadhouse is staying put. It's also good news for North Avenue which has seen its share of notable departures in recent years including Kmart, Hobby Lobby, Carville's, and City Market.

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