There is a sense of excitement in the air for Colorado skiers as winter approaches and the 2021-2022 ski season gradually unfolds.

Skis are being clean, sharpened, and waxed, new snow gear is being purchased, and plans are being laid for which ski areas will be visited in the coming months. There is something special about the first time out for the season.

The Blessing and Curse of Western Colorado Living

The far western Colorado ski season traditionally starts later than much of the state. That is the blessing and the curse of living in the western Colorado desert. We generally enjoy such mildly wonderful falls, but that also likely means we aren't getting to the slopes until after Thanksgiving.

It's Almost Time

Powderhorn Mountain Resort has started to get snow, and hopefully, it will continue to fall like crazy during November. Powderhorn has set a tentative opening date of November 26 - the day after Thanksgiving.

To heighten the anticipation of the ski season, I wanted to share a run down Powderhorn's Snowcloud Trail. I know it's not the same as being there, but, isn't the anticipation half the fun?

Look At Powderhorn's Fun Snowcloud Trail

The Snowcloud Trail at Powderhorn is a great trail. The middle and lower sections are a blue trail, which means they aren't as steep - and I think this might be a trail you definitely want to find when you get up on the mountain.

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