A large check was forged recently at a Grand Junction Walmart and authorities are trying to identify the people responsible.

Surveillance video from Walmart has shown three individuals who are believed to be responsible for the fraudulent activity and law enforcement is hoping the public can help identify them.

Here's What Happened

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, these three individuals made a purchase totaling more than $1300 at the Rimrock Walmart using a forged check. Apparently, the check was stolen from a residential mailbox and then altered before being cashed and used in the purchase.

It's stuff like this that makes you wonder when we will see the end of paper checks as a means of transacting retail business. Obviously, we are moving in that direction, but so far we haven't arrived at a total cashless and paperless economic society.

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Can You Identify These People?

For now, crimes like this are still being committed and fraud remains a problem. If you have information about this crime or can identify the people in the photos below, you can contact the Mesa County Sheriff's Office at 970-242-6707 or submit a tip anonymously through Crime Stoppers.  You can also submit information online at CrimeWatch.net.

Forgery At Grand Junction Walmart

Authorities believe these three individuals are responsible for cashing a forged $1300 check at the Rim Rock Walmart. Take a look at these photos and see if you can identify these people and help local law enforcement solve this crime.

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