There is a scam happening in Colorado right now you need to be aware of.

Scams are going on all the time across the state. The crudballs that go after vulnerable and gullible people never sleep. They are always working on new ways to get some free money.

This particular scam is one you're probably familiar with. A caller claims to be a family member who is in jail and needs money. This scam directly targets the elderly who might be easily fooled - and would want to help out a family member in need.

Here's How the Scam Calls Came Down

The Denver Police Department says they have received similar reports of this type of scam in October. In both cases, the caller claimed to be the victim's son and in jail because of a car accident. The caller is either crying or says they have suffered a facial injury in the crash in order to conceal the difference in their tone of voice in comparison to the voice the parent would be familiar with.

The caller says he needs money for bail or because the rash led to serious injury or death. The scammer instructs the victim to withdraw money from their bank, put it in an envelope, and then meet up with someone to give them the money - possibly at the victim's home. It could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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Believe It Or Not These Scams Work

I know these scams sometimes work because it happened to an elderly lady in my family. The caller claimed to be her nephew, was in jail, and needed money. Unfortunately, she was taken by the scam - wanting to help her  "nephew" in need, and it cost her several hundred dollars.

Warn Your Elderly Family Members

If you have elderly parents, you should make them aware of this scam and warn them about giving out money to strangers. If they are made aware that something like this could happen, they are more likely to sniff out the scam when it occurs.

If you or a member of your family receives a call like this, contact local authorities immediately so they can be aware of active scams that may be going on in the community. A word of warning and caution can go a long way toward saving someone else some heartache - and a big wad of cash.

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