Another shocking video has been released portraying the Loveland police department in a disturbing light.

According to a report from the New York Times, Jon Siers has filed a lawsuit against three officers (Matt Sychla, Jeremiah Wood and Evan Dunlap) of the Loveland Police Department after they brutally arrested his 14-year-old daughter, tased him, and then choked the family's Jack Russell terrier.

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The Beginning: Colorado Teen Breaks Up With Boyfriend

The whole fiasco began when Siers' daughter, who is only referred to as "S.S" broke up with her boyfriend in a Safeway parking lot because she believed he had cheated on her.

The teens had been arguing with one another and S.S. is reported to have slapped the boy. After the confrontation, S.S. rode her bike back home, but at the Safeway parking lot, a different scene was unraveling.

Someone had witnessed the altercation and called authorities who then spoke with the boy in the parking lot. Officers Wood and Dunlap asked if he wanted to press charges, but he denied to. Officers had the teen boy fill out a form that asked if S.S had caused him pain, to which he marked "No."

Nonetheless, Officers Wood and Dunlap decided that the altercation between the two teens was serious business and decided to find S.S. to arrest her.

The Middle: Loveland Police Wreak Havoc at the Siers House

Officers Wood and Dunlap arrived at the Siers house where Mr. Siers was outside repairing a bicycle while his dogs trotted around happily.

The officers speak with S.S. and start to place her under arrest. Immediately the mood changes as Mr. Siers is forced to watch his daughter be arrested.

Mr. Siers tells the officers:

"This is my daughter. She's 14, you can't arrest a 14-year-old!"

Meanwhile, the dogs have become extremely agitated seeing S.S. in distress and they begin barking. Mr. Siers asks the police if he can grab the dogs so that they do not bite anyone, but the officer instead instructs Mr. Siers to get on the ground and proceeds to tase him.

At this point, the Jack Russell terrier is in complete protection mode and is barking incessantly and begins running back and forth between S.S. and Mr. Siers who are obviously in distress.

The dog bites multiple officers while Mr. Siers screams for the officers to put the dog inside so that no one gets hurt any further.

Eventually one of the officers lifts the Jack Russell terrier up by its collar, choking the innocent animal who is only seeking to protect its family, and throws the dog inside the house. Before he closes the door he delivers a kick to the dog's face.

The End: Siers Family Arrested, Lawsuit Filed Against Loveland Officers

S.S. was arrested and charged with harassment, domestic violence, obstruction, and resisting arrest. Mr. Siers was also arrested and charged with resisting arrest.

Unfortunately, the Siers' Jack Russell Terrier was never the same and became very anxious and aggressive against strangers. Due to this incident, the Siers' were forced to give their dog, Skippy, to another family out of state.

All charges against the Siers family were dropped, but the Siers are not finished with the Loveland Police Department and have filed a lawsuit against Matt Sychla, Jeremiah Wood, and Evan Dunlap for their use of excessive force during the arrests.

This is not the first time that the Loveland Police Department has faced scrutiny for police brutality. Just earlier this year,  former Loveland Police Department officer Austin Hopp was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the second-degree assault of Karen Garner, age 73, during her arrest.

So what's next for the Loveland Police Department?

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