Colorado is full of towns and cities of all sizes. If you're on the front range, you have the majority of big populated cities. Move more towards the east and west, and these towns get smaller and smaller.

Just because very few people populate some of these towns, that doesn't mean they are not home to big things.

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What is Colorado Known For?

Well, for one, skiing, snowboarding, mountains, marijuana, and beer.

Other than those typical stereotypes, great things have come from Colorado.

3D printing was invented in Grand Junction. Some say the cheeseburger was invented here. Everyone's favorite law device, the boot, was created here. So you can say the state housed some geniuses --evil geniuses as well.

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With the items mentioned above coming from Colorado, they all didn't come from the big cities, some of the smallest towns are known for big things.

Let's check them out, shall we?

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Let's take a look at these small Colorado towns known for big things.

Gallery Credit: Tim Gray

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