I've officially been living in Grand Junction for over a year now. These are five things I've learned during my first year in Grand Junction.

It was around this time last year when I first moved to Grand Junction. I made my way across the country from North Carolina to basically, start all over.

I needed to experience something completely new. I wanted to branch out and explore what else our beautiful nation had to offer. So packed everything I owned into a truck and was on my way across the country.

By moving here, I truly pushed myself and ventured in the unknown. Moving to Grand Junction is one of the best decision I've ever made.

  • 1

    No Escaping the Roundabouts

    I sincerely thought I could get away from the roundabouts by moving here from North Carolina. I was extremely wrong. I think my usage of roundabouts has probably tripled.

  • 2

    Now I Get Why People Go Fishing

    I only went fishing every now and then in North Carolina. I didn't like getting up early and was mad if I didn't catch anything. I still get irritated if I don't catch anything but I understand the reason behind fishing now. It's the peace you get while connected to nature.

  • 3

    Choose People Who Choose You

    In North Carolina I was surrounded my friends and family. Whenever I moved here I literally didn't know anyone. The people that choose to keep in touch with me are the people I choose to be in my life.

  • 4

    Costs to Colorado

    The cost of living here is definitely more than it was in North Carolina. Everything from fast food to gas. It costs to live in Colorado, but it is so worth it.

  • 5

    Endless Exploration

    After a year of living in Colorado I still feel there is so much I have left to see. Colorado is so wildly beautiful, I feel like it'd take you decades to see it all. I look forward to all of the exploring and discovering to come.

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