If you're hitting the road and want to opt for a more unique stay than the Holiday Inn Express offers, these Colorado motels (and their glowing neon signs) are a blast from the past. Do it for the 'gram. 

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From 1950s motels that got 21st-century makeovers, to the landmarks that don't look a day over like, 60, here are six Colorado motels from the Western Slope to the southern border to hit on your next road trip (and, bonus, not break the bank).

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Tour the Middle of Nowhere: Last Chance, Colorado

If the "middle of nowhere" is a real place, the town of Last Chance, Colorado might be it, because it certainly feels and looks like the middle of nowhere. It used to be you could fill up your car with gas here, your "last chance" to get gas for many, many miles, but the gas stations have long been closed down, and now Last Chance is just a marker on the highway that indicates you're closer to your destination than when you started. What exactly will you find in the town of Last Chance? That mystery is revealed in the pictures below.

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