Watch this Grand Junction violinist play 'Savage Love' by Jason Derulo outside of a Safeway.

Jamie Davis posted this video on Facebook the other day of a violinist in Grand Junction jamming out underneath a tree outside of a Safeway. As she gets closer and closer to the violinist, you can immediately recognize the song he's playing.

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Watch this violinist in Grand Junction play 'Savage Love' by Jason Derulo outside of the Safeway in the Redlands. The violinist has his violin case open in front of him with a bucket inside and a speaker with a sign on top of it next to him. The sign says:

Please help me!!! My wife has cancer I have 3 children I don't have the money for treatment, food, and rent God bless!!

You can watch the video of this Grand Junction violinist below and some of the comments on Jamie's video include:

  • Thank you sir for making the world a better place.
  • Does he have Venmo or Cashapp?!
  • Support your local musician or artist

Jason Derulo's music videos (the studio and Good Morning America music videos) for 'Savage Love' have over 246 million views on YouTube. Jamie Davis's video has nearly 2,000 views on Facebook as of today, Friday, June 18, 2021.

There's some scrutiny as to whether this violinist is actually playing or not and what his intentions are. Let us know what you think about this video of a violinist in Grand Junction playing 'Savage Love' by Jason Derulo in the comments.

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