Crime Stoppers of Mesa County is searching for information about a suspect in a recent hit and run accident in Grand Junction.

Car Hits Pedestrian and Flees the Scene

According to Crime Stoppers of Mesa County, the incident in question involving a car and a pedestrian happened on May 21, just before midnight. A man was reportedly walking in the bike lane when a vehicle veered into the bike lane, struck the pedestrian, and then left the scene.  When officers arrived at the scene of the accident near D Road and Nottingham Drive, they found the victim of the hit and run. The man had suffered a serious leg injury and was taken to the hospital.

Of course, the car had left the scene and officers began collecting evidence. Police found a fender splash shield that matches a Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, or Dodge Magnum. They were also able to collect dark blue metallic paint chips at the scene.

Here's the Bad News

Typically in cases like this, we have a photo of the suspect's vehicle or a blurry photo of the suspect. In this case, we have neither. There are no photos or surveillance video available at this time. However, with this information, perhaps you know someone who drives a vehicle matching that description or maybe you have seen the car in the parking lot at your work.

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Submit A Tip and Get a Reward

If you have information you think could be helpful you are asked to contact Crime Stoppers of Mesa County at 970-241-STOP. You can also submit a tip via their website and reference case #25320. Any information you provide that leads to an arrest can earn you a cash reward.

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