Following the discovery of two deceased bodies in a Grand Junction home last month, authorities have now ruled the cause of the deaths as a murder-suicide.

The incident happened last month in September of 2021 prior to authorities being notified of gunshots being fired from neighbors. The incident occurred on the 400 block of Chuluota Avenue inside a residence and authorities were notified by residents of a nearby residency following hearing gunshots that later proved to be fatal to the two victims.

The victims have been identified as 44-year-old Maria "Yolanda" Donjuan-Diaz who was allegedly shot and killed by her partner who has been identified as 50-year-old Manuel Herrera-Herrara. Herrera-Herrera has also been identified as being the man that shot himself following the murder of Donjuan-Diaz. Both were found deceased at the scene when police arrived.

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Although the incident occurred last month, local authorities have stated that they took this long to release the details of the tragic incident in order to inform those closest to the victims, namely family members, prior to releasing the gruesome and unsettling details to the public.

According to authorities, this tragic incident was isolated and it would appear that there are no other victims other than Herrera-Herrera and Donjuan-Diaz.

However, the investigation remains ongoing as of now, as members of the Grand Junction Police Department are continuing to collect evidence from the crime scene.

Regardless of the investigation remaining open, local authorities are assuring the public that there is no ongoing threat with relation to this particular case.


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