When thinking about magical waters, you likely think of runoff from snow melting high in the Rocky Mountains. Apparently, there is water in Colorado from a different source that is much more magical.

That water comes from Wideawake spring, an ancient water source estimated to be 30,000 years old. The water is touted as the purest water available because it contains no contaminants.

Wideawake spring water is called 'Living Water' since it is pure, balanced, and requires no treatment whatsoever. The water is supposedly so perfect, (it has been tested multiple times), its H20 molecules so unique, it provides the human body maximum hydration.

People who drink this water say it has a rejuvenating effect, flushing out and replacing toxic compounds in the body with pure water. This detoxification may also reverse the effects of aging. It's probably the closest thing to a fountain of youth anyone can experience.

Wideawake spring is located on Uncle Charlie's Ranch in the Arapahoe National Forest north of Black Hawk, Colorado. In addition to drinking this magical water, you can also soak in it at the ranch. There's no claim the water can cure, but it's said to aid in the body's recovery and healing.

If you're ready for a little magic, a drive to Uncle Charlie's Ranch for a drink and soak could make you feel younger, give you more energy, and possibly a spiritual experience. Even if you aren't convinced about the magic of Wideawake spring water, the drive to the ranch is so incredible it offers a special magic of its own.

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