Feel the power and sheer beauty of hundreds of Colorado horses in this video of the Great American Horse Drive. The horses are herded over sixty miles across Colorado.

The Great American Horse Drive is a tradition in Colorado since 1959. Every year hundred or horses are herded from their winter homes to their summer homes, according to their website.

This is over sixty miles of herding the larges horses herds in the nation. Just by watching the video you can feel their power, their strength, their beauty.

You watch as hundreds of horses run side by side, bu don't collide. they somehow run at their own pace, but all in unison, all at once. One horse even stops (around 0:42 in the video) and turns around to wait for his buddy. Once his buddy catches up, they continue to run side by side together.

I have so much respect for these horses and just horses in general.They have a beautiful energy that special and calming to be around. It's no wonder these animals are often used to help people in therapy.

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