This has been one of the most difficult things that I have ever signed myself up for, but it has been worth it. Today is day number 75, of my 75 HARD challenge.

It’s not just about physical fitness for me it has been more of a mental fight to stay committed. This challenge requires you to do five tasks each day without missing one or cheating in the slightest or else you have to start over from day one. It has been tough but in high school I weighed almost 280 pounds, now I’m around 160-165 and in the best shape of my life.

As a bigger guy growing up I was teased, I felt insecure, I hated my body image, and finally, I had enough. I wanted better for myself, I wasn’t going to eat my feeling anymore. And through better eating, I lost some weight, but adding in the exercise took it to the next level. The combination of the two is how you see real results.

The five tasks you have to do for 75 HARD are:

  1. Consume one standard gallon of water per day. Water only, no additives, no fruit, just water.
  2. Perform two daily workouts. Minimum of 45 minutes each spaced out no less than three hours apart, and one MUST be outdoors no matter the weather.
  3. Self-developmental reading. You must read a minimum of 10 pages per day. Taking notes after reading is suggested.
  4. Follow a diet. Print it out. Do not deviate. Not even once. Also, no alcohol.
  5. A daily progress picture has to be taken.

While they seem easy enough to complete, it’s the dedication to making sure you do it for 75 days that can create the real challenge.

The Times I Struggles the Most With 75 Hard

The gallon of water was easier than I thought because I had a half-gallon water bottle that I kept with me all the time, also a big thank you to my coworkers for always letting me run into the bathroom after chugging all that water.

The two workouts were tough because they create a lot of laundry, and that takes so much time. You have to plan if you want to be successful with 75 HARD.

The reading I really enjoyed and found some tremendous books.

Following the diet was tough, because I have a sweet tooth. But I promise I haven’t had even one cheat bite of anything in 75 days.

And the daily progress picture was difficult because it’s easy to forget. Make sure to create a routine out of this if you attempt the challenge.

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No Way I Could Have Finished Without

You need a support team for those days that you don't want to finish your gallon of water or your second workout. We all have days we want to slack off, but that’s the real challenge, to push yourself to get better daily.

My amazing wife, Savannah, is completing the challenge today too, and I am so proud of her and her accomplishments.

My brother John will be finishing within the next week and without those two there is no way I would be at day 75 today.

Lastly, the 4 a.m. crew that works out at Mesa Fitness, no one talks in the morning but there is accountability to the head nod for everyone who is there to get better.

Many people have asked what comes next after 75 HARD? To be honest, I haven’t set my next goal yet. I’m thinking about a half-marathon next. For now, I will be happy with my accomplishment and the physical shape I am currently in by going for a hike this weekend. But only working out once per day and finally being able to eat what I want!

75 Hard Program That Billy Completed

There were ups and downs as I completed the 75 HARD program and here are some things I learned throughout my journey.

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