Fall of 2022 will mark the 150th Anniversary of the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo, Colorado! Our state's fair has grown into one of the largest events held in Colorado each year and is totally worth the drive across the mountains to check out one of the biggest parties we have all year.

Scroll on to learn all about this year's Colorado State Fair before diving into the list of county fairs scheduled for later in the year.

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Where is Colorado's State Fair in 2022?

Colorado's State Fair is held in the city of Pueblo in the Southeastern corner of the state. It's a pretty straightforward drive down Highway 50 to the Front Range that is between five and six hours from Grand Junction. 

The Colorado State Fair in Pueblo has been an ongoing tradition since October 1872 and continues to be held in Pueblo which is a cornerstone community for Colorado agriculture. 

When is Colorado's State Fair Held Each Year?

The Colorado State Fair is held each year in the month of August. The 2022 dates for the fair will be 8/26/2022 - 9/5/2022. The Livestock Show and Rodeo Events are also held as part of the fair with specific show information usually ready around April 1st.

What Kind of Food is Available at Colorado's State Fair?

The Colorado State Fair has it all when it comes to your favorite fair foods. Each year you'll find lemonade, funnel cakes, burgers, turkey legs, corn in a cup, curly fries, kabobs, corn dogs, tons of bbq, and lots of deep-fried Oreos.

What Entertainment is Coming to the Colorado State Fair?

While the 2022 entertainment is still being scheduled, the entertainment lineup for the entire week of the fair has included as many as 60 performers in the past. Recent artists to visit the Colorado State Fair include Dustin Lynch, George Thorogood, Nelly, Diamond Rio, and Jon Pardi.  

How Much Does it Cost to Attend the Colorado State Fair?

Admission to the Colorado State Fair is $13 for adults and $6 for kids 5 to 12. Carnival rides, concerts, and food are additional expenses not included in the cost of admission. Weekly wrist bands offer a huge discount if you plan on staying at the fair all week, and there are different specials and discounts each year on different days of the fair. In years past the carnival midway stays open until midnight each night of the fair.

Explore Colorado's County Fairs Coming in 2022

Colorado's County Fairs will also be showing up on our calendars later in the year. Links to each of the state's county fairs can be found below with additional county fair info following in the photo gallery below.

See All of Colorado's County Fairs Scheduled for 2022

County fairs plan on making a big comeback in 2022. Scroll through the information below to help make your plans county by county in Colorado.

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