There's a neat little light display in Firestone, Colo. called the "St. Vrain Christmas Walk" that I somehow just discovered and it's so cool!

How did I find it?

I've lived in Firestone, Colo. for almost 10 years, so how I never heard about this until a week ago is a travesty on its own. My daughter does dance and one of her dance instructors not only lives in the neighborhood, but her house is also a part of the walk.

My kiddos' dance crew did a special performance at "Santa's House" which is on the walk route. The whole area is so well done, and it's free.

Where is it located?

The St. Vrain Christmas Walk is on the path between Sage Ave. and Saddleback Ave. in St. Vrain Ranch in Firestone, Colo. . Not every house participates but the majority of them do and I took some pix to share with you and show you just how awesome this free holiday treat is.

Where can you get more info?

While the lights will be displayed and going all season, the specialty stuff like Santa's House only happens on certain nights. You can see their schedule and learn more about the event, HERE. Merry Christmas.

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