No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, there's a group of women in Colorado preparing to ski naked.

The Boot Tan Fest is happening Tuesday, March 15 from 8:30 AM to 4 PM and the event is definitely making headlines and turning heads with their naked ski lap.

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Wild Colorado Women Welcome to Boot Tan Fest

There are tons of things to experience in Colorado, but to be honest I never in a million years imagined naked skiing being one of them.

Do I have a problem with nudity? No, but being nude while skiing is definitely for those brave and wild Colorado women, and I haven't reached that level. All I can say is BRRR!

What You Need to Know About Boot Tan Fest

The Boot Tan Fest is taking place at Bluebird Backcountry in Kremmling. Tickets are ironically placed at $69 and will give you access to women-led vendor booths, free booze, live music, fresh swag, and of course the opportunity to ski naked!

Sorry guys but if you "identify as a man, or identify as a masculine-leaning, non-binary individual" then this event is not really for you. However, there will be a few male ski patrollers on the mountain. Don't worry though, the guys will not be attending the Naked Ski Lap but,  "will be on call nearby should any safety issue arise."

While guys aren't allowed, your pup definitely is! Feel free to bring your bestie along with you for just an extra $10.

Ladies, you'll need to bring your own backcountry gear and there is limited rental equipment available. You will not be allowed on the mountain without a beacon, probe, and shovel. Make sure to bring necessities like water, snacks, and warm clothes, don't forget it's the backcountry so be prepared for anything.

You'll be traveling up the mountain clothed, but once it's time to go down it's time for those clothes to come off.

Do You Have to Ski Naked at Boot Tan Fest?

The short answer is absolutely not, but I'll allow Wild Barn Coffee, the organizers of this event explain why you should:

We promise the day will be THAT MUCH BETTER if you do. This event is really about connecting and celebrating women, but doing so in a scenic, backcountry ski setting.

The tits-out aspect is for fun but it's also a way to challenge our lady community to dig deep, be brave, and show up totally and completely vulnerable.

Because it doesn't get much more vulnerable than wearing your birthday suit, in the winter, on a backcountry ski run.


Celebrating ALL Colorado Women

The Boot Tan Fest is an event to celebrate women specifically stating:

"We want to celebrate ALL women - aged, youthful, hairy, hairless, tattooed, wrinkly, curvy, dimpled - and all of the rad things they can do."

All the rad things we can do clothed and unclothed I guess!

The Boot Tan Fest will be a SAFE space for women as well those femme-leaning and/or non-binary.


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