Colorado Mesa University is removing the name 'Walter Walker' from Walker Stadium. The stadium is named after Walter Walker, who was a member of the KKK in Grand Junction.

Colorado Mesa University is changing the name of its soccer and lacrosse stadium, Walker Stadium. Walker Stadium, which is on the corner of 12th and Orchard, will no longer be called that. The name 'Walter Walker' will be completely removed.

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According to the Daily Sentinel, Colorado Mesa University's Tim Foster had a discussion with a group of students, alumni, and staff which lead him to his decision to remove it. There's no set date as to when the CMU will remove the name from the stadium.

Walter Walker was a founder and leader of the KKK in Grand Junction in the 1920s and allegedly asked the KKK to come to Grand Junction. Walter Walker eventually turned on the KKK, writing negative things about them in the Daily Sentinel.

There's a statue of Walter Walker with his son, Preston, on his shoulder in downtown Grand Junction. According to the Daily Sentinel, there's been discussion of taking the statue down on social media.

Let us know what you think the new name of the Colorado Mesa University's soccer and lacrosse stadium should be in the comments. Stocker Stadium is named after Ralph Stocker, who was the Grand Junction Parks and Recreation director for 40 years and Suplizio Field is named after Denver Bears right fielder, Yankees prospect, and MLB coach, Sam Suplizio.

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