Two men in Colorado lost their lives over the weekend when a series of unfortunate events just wouldn't end.

According to a press release from the Aurora Police Department, two men died on Friday, March 18, 2022, after being struck by different vehicles.

What is the Colorado 911 Good Samaritan Law?

Here in the Centennial state, there is a law called the Colorado 911 Good Samaritan Law which dictates that:

a person is immune from criminal prosecution for an offense when the person reports, in good faith, an emergency drug or alcohol overdose even to a law enforcement officer, to the 911 system, or to a medical provider.

This same immunity applies to persons who remain at the scene of the event until a law enforcement officer or an emergency medical responder arrives, or if the person remains at the facilities of the medical provider until a law enforcement officer, emergency medical responder, or medical provider arrives.

If you are involved in an accident, it is recommended that you stop and render aid, but doing so safely is critical.

Colorado Man Fatally Hits Pedestrian

Police in Aurora, Colorado were dispatched to the intersection of East Colfax Avenue and North Uvalda Street following two crashes.

A male pedestrian who failed to use the crosswalk was hit by a Mitsubishi sedan when crossing East Colfax Avenue.

Colorado Driver Hits Man Rendering Aid

The driver of the Mitsubishi sedan immediately pulled over to stop and render aid but was then tragically hit himself by a Mercury Mountaineer that was also traveling westbound on East Colfax Avenue.

The driver of the Mercury Mountaineer pulled over and remained at the scene until law enforcement arrived.

Officials pronounced the first pedestrian deceased at the scene. The driver of the Mitsubishi,  who stopped to render aid was transported to the hospital but was pronounced deceased a short time later.

Investigators do not believe that speed or alcohol were contributing factors for either driver.

Authorities are asking anyone who may have witnessed the accident or who may have dashcam footage to contact the Aurora Police.

Safety Tips for Colorado Pedestrians and Drivers

Both of these deaths are a horrific reminder of how important it is to remain alert as a pedestrian and driver on Colorado roads.


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