If you love checking out the cliff dwellings inside Colorado's Mesa Verde National Park, you might also be interested in what it might be like to spend the night there?

One Airbnb rental in Cortez, Colorado is giving you the chance to do just that. Only this rental is WAY more comfortable than staying inside the structures built thousands of years ago. Let's take a look!

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Live Like A Colorado Cliff Dweller in this Airbnb Rental Near Cortez

Just outside of Cortez, Colorado is an Airbnb rental that is hosted by Lauren and Grant. For less than $300 a night, you can stay in one of the most scenic canyons in Southwestern Colorado, and probably have enough amazing photos to have your friends talking all summer. This destination takes you to Colorado's Canyon of the Ancients National Monument. 

Cortez Cliff House Rental in Historic McElmo Canyon, Colorado

The house we are going to look at can be rented by the evening or for longer stays at a discounted rate. Cliff House near Cortez, Colorado is built right into the flank of Sleeping Ute Mountain overlooking McElmo. You'll be a short walk to the teepee alcove and surrounded by sedimentary layers of rock that date back to the Jurassic age. The Cliff House is built right into the red rock cliff wall of a private red rock canyon alcove.

Cortez Cliff House Rental Sits Inside the

This would be a great place to bookmark for the fall color change. For a chance to view this canyon from such a unique setting, scroll through the photos below to find the link to book your stay.

Live Like a Colorado Cliff Dweller in this Amazing Rental in Cortez

Airbnb's Cliff House rental is just down the road from Mesa Verde National Park. Enjoy a weekend with friends overlooking the beautiful McElmo Canyon from the front porch of Cliff House, which rests next to Sleeping Ute Mountain.

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