One special city in Colorado celebrates all things love each year with their Sweetheart Festival, and it'll definitely have you falling head over heels.


Loveland, Colorado is the home of the annual Sweetheart Festival which of course is super appropriate seeing as it is known as the "nation's sweetheart city."

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Why Visit Loveland, Colorado for Valentine's Day?

There are plenty of things to enjoy when visiting Loveland, but the city takes things to a whole different level when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day.

The biggest attraction is of course the Sweetheart festival, but there are plenty of other great reasons to visit as well.

Did you know that Loveland actually creates its own Valentine's beer and wine for the season? Yes! They are incredibly dedicated to love. The city of Loveland also produces its own coffee for the season as well!

Not to mention, you'll most likely spot Loveland's official mascot Valentina as she makes appearances around the city. How sweet is that?

The Sweetheart Festival in Loveland, Colorado

This year's Sweetheart festival is happening Friday, February 12 - Saturday, February 13  at the downtown Foundry Plaza.

Attending the festival is free, and there will be plenty of activities for both kids and adults.

Some of the most popular attractions during the sweetheart festival are the:

  • Sweetheart Classic 4-miler race
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Face painting
  • Special effects light show
  • Food trucks
  • Vendors
  • heart ice sculptures
  • live music and entertainment
  • Little Miss Valentine and Mr. Cupid Contest
  • ANDDDDDD...........

The Valentine's Day GROUP Wedding!!

The group wedding and vow renewal allows couples the opportunity to cement their love in the sweetheart city alongside hundreds of other couples.

Loveland's annual Valentine's Day group wedding will be taking place on Monday, February 14th, 2022 at the giant LOVE Sculpture by the Loveland Visitor's Center.

The ceremony is kicking off at 4 PM and will be officiated by Todd Harding.

Lock Your Love in Loveland, Colorado

The thing I MOST want to do is lock my love in Loveland! It's so FREAKING cute!

attachment-love sculpture

The idea behind this is that you and your significant other write or carve your names onto the lock, attach it to a permanent structure, and then toss away the key as a symbol of your forever love.

Other places around the world also have participated in this tradition with lovers locking their love onto gates and fences. However, often times the structure where these locks are placed is often not strong enough to hold the weight of so many locks as time passes.

The city of Loveland creatively came up with a solution to this problem and created love sculptures that are specifically designed to hold thousands of locks that you can "lock" into the structure.

BRB going to beg my boyfriend to take us to Loveland for Valentine's.

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