It's no secret that Colorado takes the cake when it comes to having some of the best cities in the nation to live in.

According to a recent press release from U.S. News & World Report, Colorado has once again taken a few of the top slots on the national ranking of the 2022-2023 Best Places to Live.

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Why Does Everyone Want to Live in Colorado?

A question that I hear non-stop is, "why does everyone want to live in Colorado?" The real question is "why not?"

Colorado is absolutely stunning! From the beautiful and scenic backdrops to the abundance of recreational activities, Colorado is the place to be!

The weather is magnificent, the people are kind, and the overall quality of life is unbeatable.

Best Places to Live: How Did Colorado Rank?

Colorado took home 4 spots on the Best Places to Live ranking composed of the country's 150 most populous metropolitan areas.

Colorado Springs came in at #2 of the Best Places to Live in the U.S. based on affordability, desirability, and quality of life.

Coming up right behind Colorado Springs is the city of Boulder which came in at #4. Moving further down the rankings is Fort Collins which came in at #54 in Best Places to Live.

Last on the list is the capital city, Denver at #55. Long gone are the days when Denver reigned supreme over any other Colorado city, now there's competition.

Who Came Out #1 On the Best Places to Live?

Surprisingly, Huntsville, Alabama came out on top as 2022-2023's Best Place to Live. Never in a hundred years did I think I would see an Alabama city as the Best Place to Live, but that's what the data says!

Best Places to Live in Colorado Based on Cost of Living

If you've lived in Colorado for a while, you've most likely complained about the cost of living going up in recent years. I know I have. However, there are still reasonably priced places to live in the Centennial State.

According to, these are the top ten best places to live in Colorado based solely on the cost of living.

25 Reasons Why Grand Junction Colorado Is A Good Place to Live

Grand Junction isn't perfect, but it's definitely one of the best places to live in Colorado and there are many things that make it great. Here are 25 things that make Grand Junction a good place to live.

A To Z: Famous People That Lived in Colorado

Colorado has been home to many famous people. From actors to politicians, and athletes to snowstorms. These are the famous beings who are from Colorado, from "A" to "Z".

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