One of the nation's most popular national parks is in modified operations following a major flash flood that struck the park on Tuesday.

Zion National Park in southwestern Utah was closed on Tuesday as floodwaters and mud went flowing throughout the park. The park opened on Wednesday in a limited capacity with clean-up operations underway - and the possibility of more flash flooding.

Worst Flood Ever in Zion

A Springdale, Utah police officer told the St. George News it was the worse he's seen in his 36 years in Springdale.

Stuck On A Shuttle

Shuttle buses are a key component of the visitor experience at Zion. These shuttle riders couldn't do much but survey the damage from the "safety" of the bus.

Cars and Bikes in Trouble

The heavy rain and mud became a nightmare for motorists, bikers, and hikers alike.

Happy To Be Out

These folks were happy to be out of harm's way on Tuesday. Fortunately, Zion was able to reopen SR-9, the south and east entrance for inbound and outbound traffic, the Zion Canyon Visitor Center, Park Store, as well as park and in-town shuttle operations.

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Hiking the Narrows

People who hike the narrows are hiking in water under normal conditions, but during a flash flood it can be a dangerous proposition and there are signs warning hikers of the dangers and potential for flash floods.

When Mother Nature Attacks

Tuesday's flash flood at Zion resulted in some memorable moments, but also some tense moments for a lot of park visitors.

Flood Waters Cover the Park

Of course, even when bad things are happening, people are going to make sure they have videos of the historic moments they are caught in.

Oversized Vehicle Lot Closed

The oversized vehicle lot was closed until further notice, which means the park has very limited oversized vehicle parking. Visitors with oversized vehicles should plan to park in town.

Fun At the Park

The flash flood certainly didn't ruin everyone's day. The park is still magnificent.

More Flooding Possible

Zion National Park said the flash flood rating for Wednesday was probably and the threat continues through the summer with monsoons expected from mid-July into September.

On the Bright Side

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported from Tuesday's flash flooding, and as this Tik Toker points out, at least they are getting some rain.

Sheriff Rescued

The mud was thick and undoubtedly there were plenty of other vehicles that needed heavy equipment assistance.

Too Much Rain

One report indicated more than an inch and a half of rain fell in about an hour causing widespread flooding at Zion.

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