It seems we're in the middle of monsoon season in Grand Junction, Colo. right now. The National Weather Service warns of potential severe weather for the Grand Valley area.

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What are the Severe Weather Warnings for Colorado's Grand Valley Area?

There's a flash flood warning beginning at noon on Thursday, June 27 through the remainder of the day.

The affected areas include much of western Colorado from the upper Yampa Basin down to the Gunnison River Valley.

This also includes much of Moab, Utah, and their surrounding areas.

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Heavy rains could cause flooding of low-lying areas, rivers, creeks, and streams.

There is also a chance of high winds and hail in the area, with high winds being more possible.

Moab, Utah Flooding the Last Summer Storm

Late last week, eastern Utah and western Colorado saw a major storm system blow through.

The storm system put a damper on the events at Colorado's Country Jam and caused some damage around Grand Junction.

Moab, Utah saw the most action causing flooding around town and in the national parks.

Best to batten down the hatches around your house, and prepare for severe weather.

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