Under the right circumstances, just about any Colorado road could be dangerous, but Wolf Creek Pass is near the top of the list.

Any Colorado Road Can Be Dangerous

A variety of factors can make a particular road hazardous.  A road could be especially narrow with minimal shoulders on either side. A curvy, winding road can be dangerous - especially under the darkness of night, or when it is snow-packed and covered with ice. Add unfamiliarity with the road to the mix - and there is potential for disaster.

A Blessing and A Curse

Driving over Colorado's mountain passes is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, the scenic views of the passes are oftentimes breathtaking and stunningly beautiful. On the other hand, driving over mountain passes in the wintertime can be daunting and downright dangerous, depending on weather conditions.

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One of the Most Dangerous Roads In Colorado

Wolf Creek Pass is one of the most notable mountain passes in Colorado, winding through the San Juan Mountains to an elevation of 10,857 ft. The pass is described as being "significantly steep" on either side with a maximum grade of nearly 7%. In fact, on the westbound side, there are two runaway truck ramps available for emergency situations.

With a challenging switchback near the Wolf Creek scenic outlook area, Wolf Creek pass is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Colorado. The switchback features a 200-ft dropoff on the other side of the curve.

Dangerous Road: Colorado's Wolf Creek Pass

Wolf Creek Pass is a beautiful Colorado drive, but in the wintertime it is one of the most dangerous roads in Colorado. Here are 10 interesting facts about this fascinating road on the Continental Divide.

White Knuckle Your Way Down Some of Colorado's Other Most Dangerous Roads

Slivers of asphalt cling to mountainsides with barely enough room for a subcompact car, let alone the monster RVs peppering the roadways. Blind corners leave even the most experienced drivers wondering what awaits around the bend. Let's not forget the thousand-foot drops with nothing between safety and impending doom but a thin slice of gravel -- talk about white knuckles.

If you're brave enough to "risk your life" for beautiful views, you won't be disappointed.

How many of these dangerous roads have you traveled in Colorado?

The Most Dangerous Colorado Counties to Drive Based on Fatal Accidents

While six Colorado counties managed zero fatal accidents in 2020, the rest were not nearly as safe to drive in.


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