Poor Santa, do we even stop and think what Santa wants for Christmas? I bet Santa's favorite song is. "I Want to Talk About Me," by Toby Keith.

Give, give, give, and nothing but cookies from us as our thank you to him.

How do I know that Santa's feelings are hurt? How do I know he wants more than cookies? Excellent question!

If it weren't for the mailman delivering the mail to the wrong house I'd never know that Santa sent a letter to Colorado.


Believe it or not, Santa has some serious skills when it comes to boarding. He's been wanting a new snowboard for a while now. Hitting the slopes is one of his favorite things to do, but it costs too much to rent a board all the time.

Santa wants to see the beautiful ground in Colorado not just observe the state from the night sky. He digs Colorado and wants to experience every corner of the best state ever.

Hockey is Santa's most-liked sport. His buddy is the Av's Mascot, Howler the Yeti. They go way back from their television Christmas program Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.


Santa's goal is to run the Bolder Boulder in 2019. He wants to work off all those cookies and start hitting the pavement December 26.

What Santa Wants From Colorado for Christmas ...
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Don't be blue Santa ... we love you! Someway, somehow, you'll get what your little heart desires.

Merry Christmas.

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