Dear friends, all I need is $50,000,000.

We could be roommates. I promise you wouldn't even notice me in our18,000 sq. feet home.

Our monthly payment would only be an estimated cost of $205,704 a month. That's not so bad now, is it?

This gorgeous home is seriously phenomenal. Honestly, if I had this home I'd never leave. It'd be like being on vacation 24/7. I'd have to hire a cook and have a spa for my daily massage.

Seven bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, three half baths on 876.0 acres. Seriously insane.

Could you imagine telling your kids ... don't fight over the television you each have one on your bunk bed. An Oprah parent, you get one, you get one, and you get one all to yourself.

A wine cellar, bar, pool table, theater, golfing area, umm what else do we need? It's all here in this enormous crib.

Enjoy the tour. As for me, I believe that's the closest I'll get to this beauty.

Colorado's Most Expensive House For Sale, Right Now

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