I was curious how couples split the household chores here in Grand Junction, so I asked the listeners on Facebook if they share the workload at home or not you know the everyday kind of "stuff;" such as vacuuming, dishes, laundry, you know the everyday "stuff."

It's so interesting to hear others perceptive on what seems "fair," when it comes to household chores.

I love that the majority ruled in favor of splitting the chores. Not because it's the equal thing to do, but because we all work so hard. Many couples have kids and both parents have to work.

Life is already so hard but having a partner come along to help is such a blessing.

I laughed at Janet Wilson's comment. That was my dads rule. Boys outside, girls inside.

I didn't so much like that rule though. I loved doing the work outside. We had a pool and I was the only one that really loved caring for it. That's when the girls inside, boys outside ruled changed.

Terri Snyder made me laugh.

But overall, the majority said they absolutely share the workload in the house like Darlene Freeman Kinsey.

Don't misunderstand me. I love those that don't want to share the chores and are happy to do it all. There was a time that I didn't work outside the house and that was my job (in my own mind and heart) as a wife that I loved. I totally respect those that feel this is what they want to do. Just like Meagan Craig.

Personal I want a man that wants to come alongside me and help me. I work hard and plan to continue working hard once my Prince comes along.

My rule is a couple that cooks together and cleans together stays together.

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