It's avalanche season here in Colorado and I'm not talking about the hockey team.

According to the San Miguel Sheriff's Department, it has been reported that an avalanche ran off the SE flank of Telluride yesterday.

This time of year can be very dangerous when there's both rain and snow that shifts all the snow that accumulates. Natural avalanches happen and many die as a result. Thank goodness nobody was hurt or injured yesterday.

When there's one avalanche often there's another one near. It's a good reminder to be careful especially when traveling in the backcountry. San Miguel's Sheriff's Department is expressing to use extreme caution.

Just like most things in the winter, winter driving, skiing, hiking, be prepared.

Avalanche awareness is something we don't think much about but it is something we should truly gain knowledge about by doing research and understanding how dangerous they can be.

It's the lifestyle of being in Colorado and knowing how to survive.

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