Most everyone loves the National Western Stock Show. Not just cowboys and cowgirls go to this thrilling event but all different lifestyles attend and it's great.

It makes me think of that tune A Little Bit Country - A Little Bit Rock 'n Roll by Donny and Marie Osmond. It's a time to enjoy a family event, eat a funnel cake and experience a genuinely kind atmosphere.


Oh my goodness, everywhere you turn there is food and not just so-so food either, there is yummy tasty food at the stock show. My taste buds were doing a happy dance in my mouth from all the goodness I was trying.

Huge drumsticks, steak, chili fries, sweets, and treats were all ... AMAZING.


I've been going to the stock show since I was a little bit. I had horses and I really was that little cowgirl that had music in my heart, Country, Motown, and Rock 'n Roll. I used to love that it wasn't just Country Music that they would play. They played it all.

The National Western Stock Show is like an Old Fashion Disneyland Country Style. Instead of rides and Mickey Mouse, you get live animals and humans riding them. Kids faces light up and get excited just the same.

It truly is a wonderful memory of mine as a kid and now that I'm an adult (sometimes) I look forward to this time every year.


The rodeo can get your adrenaline going so quickly. It's nerve-racking, scary, spine-tingling, and exciting all at once.

Each competition is incredible to watch. From bulls to broncs the number one athletes from all over the nation come and give it all they got.

It's certain to get you fired up and maybe even think about life a little. When you fall off the horse ... you got to get back on and try again and that's okay.

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