I don't know if the son of this mom would agree that she was cool or not. He actually looks mortified, but as a mom of four, I thought what she did was pretty cool.

Colorado mom Wendy Chupp Gossett was trying her best to help her teenage son stay calm while being stuck in traffic for over four hours.

Gossett posted a video on her Facebook page of her getting out of the car dancing and singing to the sweet tune "Everybody (Backstreet Boys)" from the Backstreet Boys.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette Wendy's son was "stressed out" and hungry. I know how my teenage son gets when he's hungry and let me just say that's stressful.

Sometimes moms got to do what moms got to do. And that's exactly what she did while she broke out her moves on I-25.

I know exactly what it feels like being stuck on the highway in the winter in Colorado. It can cause anyone to be a little wacky. I could see myself doing the same thing and my son probably reacting just the same.

Deep down I bet her boy thinks his my mom is pretty cool especially after Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys responded to the video.

Colorado moms rock and I love it!

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