On Monday Colorado lawmakers debated on a proposed bill that would limit the use of plastic straws at restaurants.

Limiting straws has been talked about since 2015 when biologist found a plastic straw in a  sea turtles nose.

The House Energy and Environment Committee voted to indefinitely defer a bill that restaurants would no longer allow plastic straws unless they were requested.

The vote passed ten to one.

This law does not apply to fast food joints, self-serve straw dispensers, third-party orders, such as Uber Eats, nor does it stop a customer from asking for a plastic straw.

The law is not as strict here in Colorado as other states.

Many Colorado restaurants have already been practicing these changes for a while now.

It's been suggested by environmentalists that restaurants start using bamboo or paper straws.

I love the environment and want to keep it clean but I must be honest here, I can't stand the bamboo or paper straws.

It would be great if I didn't use a straw at all but I it bugs my teeth. This is a real dilemma for me and will take some getting used to. Lots of practice.

Just watching this video makes me want to try my hardest not to use a plastic straw again. So sad to watch.


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