It's another case of reckless and purposeful coughing.

A Vail man was cited after he purposely coughed on another customer's products. According to the Eagle County Sheriff's Office, 51-year-old Nathan Herries was at the Village Market in Edwards when he got into a confrontation after refusing to comply with the store's policy of shoppers maintaining six feet between themselves and other shoppers and store employees.

After being told to step back, Herries reportedly went on a tirade about the employee falling for the "media hype." The report indicates he got between another customer and the store employee and purposely coughed on the customer's items. Ultimately, Herries was cited for violation of a public health order, disorderly conduct, and second-degree tampering.

We've heard of other cases across the state and the country of people acting selfishly and foolishly, simply because they disagree with the public policy regarding COVID-19. Everyone is entitled to do their own feelings, opinions, and beliefs in regards to COVID-19, but how those feelings are expressed have everything to with respect and common decency.

Whether it's the words we say on social media or the way we act or speak at the grocery store, we are all in this together, even though we may not all agree on the best way to navigate through this difficult time. A little respect goes a long way, and quite often there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping our thoughts, feelings, and opinions inside our own heads. Perhaps more people in the world should think about doing that.

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