Traveling between the front range and Western Slope in Colorado is fun, but can also be super scary once you reach the oftentimes severe weather in Vail, Colorado.

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Where is Vail, Colorado?

Vail is located at the base of Vail Mountain, approximately 146.5 miles from Grand Junction and only about 97 miles away from Denver.

What are the Average Monthly Temperatures in Vail, Colorado?

If you love snow and enjoy cooler temperatures all year round, then Vail may be the city for you.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

During the winter months, the temperature in Vail averages between 17.5 degrees in January to 29.2 degrees in March.

By the time spring rolls around you can expect temperatures to average from 36.6 degrees to 53.5 degrees.

Even the summer temperatures stay relatively low compared to other Colorado cities with temperatures ranging on average from 59.2 degrees in July back down to 50.3 degrees in September.

Swinging back to cooler temperatures in the fall, you'll see the average temperatures start at 39.7 degrees in October and fall to 17.6 degrees by December

How Many Inches of Snow Can You Expect in Vail Colorado

Vail is home to numerous popular ski resorts, and for good reason! It seems like it never stops snowing in Vail, and the city boasts an elevation of 8,150 feet.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

It does, however, eventually stop snowing in Vail, but that is only during the summer months. In fact, according to data from the National Weather Service, the normal yearly amount of snowfall in Vail is a stunning 189.2 inches!

These are the 4 months of the year where Vail averages less than 1 inch of snow:

  • June - 0.6 inches
  • July - 0.0 inches
  • August - 0.0 inches
  • September - 0.9 inches

Once September comes to an end the average inches of snowfall continues to rise until it hits its peak in February with 35.7 average inches of snowfall.

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