We're not sure if it's a UFO or not. Whatever it is, it has social media talking.

This photo was shared on the Grand junction UFO watchers Facebook page. Since being shared on the page, the post has racked up over 150 shares.

The photo was taken at the intersection of D 1/2 and 32 Roads yesterday (Sept. 4).

Looking at the photo, it looks like a ray of light shooting out of some clouds above a geometric shape. But is it really a UFO? Could it just be refracted light?

People in the comment section of the post had their own opinions. Some thought it was a reflection from the windshield or one of the other windows.

Other people chimed in and said they saw the same thing on their way through the area.

The admins of the group were baffled by all the new members wanting to join the group. They say in less than two hours, they've added over 100 new members.

What do you think it is?

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