Good things are happening in Clifton, including the construction of the brand-new Clifton Community Campus.

It's an exciting time for the residents of Clifton as they watch the construction of a $31 million project that got underway in 2022. Clifton doesn't seem to get a lot of respect in the Grand Valley, but this new facility is something the town can be super proud of and is going to turn some heads. It's going to make Clifton a much more attractive living option in the Grand Valley.

What Exactly is the Clifton Community Campus?

A lot of different things will be happening at the new Clifton Community Campus. It is going to be home to an early childhood education center, training center, and community center, as well as the Clifton branch of the Mesa County Libraries. The Clifton facility is expected to be open to the public in 2024.

Here are some specific highlights that will be featured at the new campus in Clifton.

  • Child Care Center
  • High School-sized basketball court
  • Commercial pantry and banquet kitchen
  • Exterior playgrounds for toddlers and primary age
  • Exterior movie wall
  • Exterior handball court
  • Library with 3 classrooms, 3 study rooms, and 3 multipurpose rooms
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Where Is the Clifton Community Campus Located?

The new campus is located on D 1/2 Road, right next to Rocky Mountain Elementary School. The 27-acre project is being funded by the America Rescue Plan along with state, federal, and private funding.

Contruction Progress and Preview of Clifton Community Campus

Construction is underway on the new Clifton Community Campus in Clifton. Scroll through the images below to see the construction progress and to see some images of what the finished project will look like.

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